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Anyone have an Ionic Breeze?


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I have at least 3 computers running at my desk and sometimes 4-5. I've noticed that the corner of the room where my computers are is a dust bowl. I'm putting a nano on my desk and I'm just wondering if anyone has one of the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifiers and if it works to remove dust particles? 2 of my computers are heavily modified with water cooling and increased air flow for over-clocking. I routinely blow compressed air into the heatsinks, fans and power supply to clean the dust out and I don't want it getting into the tank. I'm wondering if the Ionic Breeze will pick up all the dust in this corner of the room? They have a desktop model for $100 on sale.

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I have the normal stand-up model. Had it for 5 years. They do work, but don't expect it to get every single bit of dust out of the air. It is comparable to any filter really.


You have to clean the rods often to keep it going. Best thing is it is silent.

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