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Featehr duster!!!


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hello guys,

i have one little problem and i'd like to share...

my feather duster in my nano 12 gal tank is acting weird, i got him and he had his head bit chopped... now he doesnt come out and today i notice that the worm was half way out hanging from the tube, i though he was dead then i went to pick it up and he went inside... is he dying?

another question, i got this green fluorescent mushroom in a piece of rock with about 12/15 mushrooms on it. i did all the aclimating process but when i placed it in my 55 gal, i saw some little creatures crawling out of the rock and going inside my live rocks... they look like little armadilos, clear, with tentacles... what the heck are they? and i also saw from the holes in the rock some whitey little clear tentacles... i thought they were babe serpent start fish, but i m almost positive i'm wrong.. any comment would be greatly apreciated...

i jut started my 12 gal nano

i got :

1 small star polyps

1 toad stool leather coral

1 thin finger coral

2 bullseye murshroom

and now the gree Fluor. mushroom

everything seems fine although i'm having alots of brown/redish algae, what are they?

again, thank u very much for your future help

: )


kaique - ny

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