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Yellow Clown goby Vs SPS


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I've always thought Yellow clown gobies and citron gobies made great nano fish, But over in the 7gal forums i read a thread that talked about them having a taste for SPS polyps?


I wanted to add a yellow clown goby to my 7gal MB but i have a pinkbirds nest and deffiantly plan on getting more sps.


Does anyone here keep clown gobies with SPS corals? If so can you tell if you've had any problems? thanks!



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Yes, BUT


Yellow clown goby's and Citreon Goby's both do eat SPS ployps...

The only species I have come across that dosn't eat them is the Green Clown goby, or Red Bar Clown Goby (same fish)


They look identical to The other clown goby's but are green with red/orange Vertical Striation through the body.

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I wonder if there is a differnece between the tank raised and the one's cought in the wild? Maybe the tank raised ones don't eat it cause they never learned to eat them?

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good question.... maybe... but their instincts might still tell them to eat the polyps... just like more pepermint shrimp are tank raised but will still eat aipista, along with any other scraps of food.


I'm a little disapointed to hear they eat sps polyps because i was really planing on getting one. Now I need to come up with some other fish for my 7 gallon... i was thinking a royal gramma or six-line wrasse... but they both get pretty big (relatively speaking)....

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Catalina Gobies sta small and look cool IMO. or maybe some Neon Gobies. or you can go fishless and get some neon stripped pipe fish, they are sweet.

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I already have 1 neon goby, i was hopeing to find another small fish to go with it... Maybe I'll get a peppermint shrimp and emeraled crab instead. Cataline gobies are really cool.... but i've always heard that they prefer cooler water temps

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Actually I don't think the clown gobies actually eat the polyps. Some do make nests in the SPS at the base, and this may cause recession in the SPS, but that's not always the case. Yellow, green, whatever color clown gobies should all have the same propensity to nest or not nest in SPS, so just a matter of color preference.

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I talked to a guy at my lfs.... (yah i know.. but this place is the best i've seen yet, and the guy i talked to was a zoology graduate student from msu (my school!)... so hopefully he knows something) He said that they are known to nip at polyps, but not necesiarily make whole meals of a sps. usually they only nip a small spot to perch or lay their eggs... if there's more then one obviously.


I really was set on getting a yellow clown goby.... so when i get the 7 gallon set up.. i think i'll give it a shot... If not... what other fish would be good with a neon goby in a 7 mini-bow?

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Yeah...the nipping is only in course of making the nest as i mentioned above...but they do not ingest it. that's all i was trying to get at...some folks later in this thread made it sound as if they munched on em like a butterfly or angel would. haha.


I agree...if you only have 1, it shouldnt be a big deal. Just grab a yellow clown goby and see how it goes...The polyp recession would take place very very gradually, so there won't be irrevocable harm done.

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Ok, I'm going to bring this old thread back to life.... I have another Goby question.


Can you keep more then one neon goby together? I was thinking maybe i would get a gold neon goby to go with my blue neon goby in my minibow.... what does everyone think about that? does anyone have one of each color (species?)

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