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Water Change - Heat?


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As I was doing my water change today the room temp was cold (low 70’s) and my tank is set at 79.0 degrees. As I was filling up the 1gal jug of salt water I noticed it was way cooler then the tank.


How do you all warm up the water before you add it or do you? Heck it may not matter, but I’m still learning and don’t want to screw up my cube. It’s doing very well.

I poured it in the back of the cube it dropped the temp down a little but not enough to cause a large temp difference.


This could be a total stupid question, but I don't recall reading this answer before.


Thank you for your time in advance.

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I go with newbiecarlz method as well

I use one gallon supermarket water containers,and then I dip it into a bucket of hot water, and just manually try to read the temperature

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If I am only doing a 10% change, then I just pour it in. Usually the temp will drop about 1°F which isn't a big deal for most corals. Others will disagree but I have had no issues and this has been my method for over a year..



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i dunno if its bad but i just heat up a cup of water in the microwave and add it to my bucket to warm up the water then pour the bucket into my cube


but same as Dale, with 10% water changes i dont do anything

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