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clean up crew?


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Blue leg hermits are excellent scavengers as are scarlett hermits. FOr a small tank, i would recommend 3-4 blue leg and 1 scarlett. I have only 3 blue leg and they seem to be keeping up ok.

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I'm just starting up a nano and cycling, I haven't added my inverts yet. I however noticed some green bubble stuff and thought it was cool looking. I guess I like my new to me called algae :)

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Expect your hermit crabs to die, kill your snails, and nip at things. those actions are completely normal habits.


If none of the above happens soon, just don't be shocked that it does happen 3 months later.


Over all, reef safe crabs will provide aesthics to your reef aquarium, and help maintain algae levels and is definately worth it.


Get an electric blue hermit!

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