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LS or seed the system?


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i know this question has been brought up several times. but i have to ask one last time. is live sand worth the money? i have a 55g fish only tank that has been up for almost a year. we bought all live sand for that tank. so i can easily seed my new system with sand from that instead of buying more live sand. how many people reccommend that anyone starting a new tank seed their system if they have access to an established tank? and how many reccommend buying live sand instead? also, how long would it take for the tank to become fully seeded?

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LS or seeding w/ LS essentially gives the same end result. It's totally up to you and your budget on which you prefer, there's no one clear winner.


Buying all live sand will improve your cycle time, but is generally a more costyl endeavor.


Buying all dead sand and seeding it with some live sand from an established tank is generally cheaper, but will usually mean a longer cycle time.

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yea i don't know how much good LS is becuse t is packages withough oxygen so really mostly you only have anarobic bacteria i always just use sand from an estalished tank it was worked well for me

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kool thanks. i think im gonna go with the seeding method. im not in a rush to cycle my tank. i can wait for the complete system to become seeded. good info.

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