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Skilter/Refugium? anyone


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crazy question.. prob wont work but wondering if its possible to make a skilter into a half refugium/half skimmer ? with the skilter on the back of the tank doesnt leave much room for another hob for a refugium. i have the 10g on a dresser so no room/place for a gravity fed refugium/sump so question is would it be possible or actually worth trying to make a skilter into a fuge and a skimmer.. all the water if i am thinking right would be sucked into the filter mixed with all the air bubbles and skimmed then a slight overflow into other side of filter into a small refugium with a little sand/rock etc. just wondering if this would work at all or just a waste of my time and yours.. and by making the area for the skimmer smaller it would make the skimmer work better by having more bubbles to produce the foam (since i hear most people drill holes etc and run extra air stones into the skimmer to make it work better)


i would use a clamp on desk lamp type of deal for lighting for the fuge..


(looked for this topic couldnt find it so i posted )




Mike C

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ok so is this just a bad idea or does no one know what im talking about.. ( lost of views no replies.. even an i have no clue would be nice lol ) im going to try and do some mods to it and find out gotta research some more.. oh well thanks everyone (i think) lol :)

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