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Too much bulkhead?


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I have Eclipse 12 and currently have 2 bulkhead.


If I add any more will it weaken the tank and crack?


I just wanna be sure.


Thanks in advance.

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Originally posted by kappa

how big is the bulk head? 1"?


Oh, two that are already installed are 1/2 " .


I want to do a closed scwd loop so i was thiking adding more 1/2" bulkheads.


Also for neon and xcajx, bulkhead is a plumbing part you install after drilling hole on the tank.



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Originally posted by Neon

I have one question..

Why do people modify their tanks????


I'm pefectly fine with them as they come


Well reaon why I want to modify my tank is, to get rid of PH, heaters, and other mechanical stuff out of the main tank.


Also, to me these projects are actually fun to do!



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Actually I don't know if you can install two 1/2" BH on the eclipse. Have you seen one BH drilled into the eclipse 12 before?


Carefully plan what you will do, and then try it out. If you could find a piece of plastic of same thickness as the eclipse aquarium, you could test drill. You cuold also buy a piece of acrylic to test drill BH holes with a circular saw bit.

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This is just my opinion but I think sometimes the manufacturers make compromises between price/marketability and quality necessary to support aquatic life in an optimum environment. Therefore many of us spend a LOT more money to make the environment better for our aquatic friends. Also, I like to try to figure things out and puzzle about building a better mousetrap (i.e., it's fun LOL).

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Originally posted by kappa

Actually I don't know if you can install two 1/2" BH on the eclipse.  Have you seen one BH drilled into the eclipse 12 before?


Well, I already have two 1/2" BH installed. I was wondering if i could install more. Drilling is not a problem. With holesaw, it drills like a dream! Fast, easy and safe. I am just wondering how much it will weaken the structure of the tank if add more BH.


Thanks for your reply!!!

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I highly doubt it will weaken it all that much, especially if you tighten it to the glass really well, poobably the only way you can actually weaken it is to group all the bulkhead togeather, like touching or 1/4 inch apart, gl with that

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Yeah, just go ahead and drill two 1/2" bulk heads. If you want to make the BH holes more sturdier, silicone and vice press a piece of acrylic behind each BH, and drill through both the tank and the added acrylic.

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