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New Pulsing Xenia frags


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Ok,I can hear the comotion now, no i dont use live rock but i do use live sand , i just dont want any type of worms or mantis shrimp coming out of it, by the way my parameters are all good and im setting up a fuge to decline the nitrate level,

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CT nano reefer

what kinds rock is that?......looks like lava rock or dry base rock...anyway I think its looks cool!....dont worry , intime that xenia will spread allover like a weed, wont even be able to see the rocks!!!!

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Nice looking xenia. However, you are not going to be able to avoid worms and, why would you want to? Any coral attached to rock you add to your tank which came from a healthy tank is just about guaranteed to have worms, pods, and all sorts of other life on it.

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