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Help - small freshwater fish swimming into intake of my 29 gal Biocube


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I have a 29 gallon Biocube and small freshwater fish are ending up in the first chamber swimming through the intake slots.


Have you had any suggestions for good mods.  I currently have some foam covering the slots held in place with paperclips.


Appreciate any tips.

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Foam (like a prefilter) should work fine.  You'll need to keep it clean or flow will slow/clog (which could be a problem).  I've also read where people sometimes use mesh (like fishnet material), which might not clog quite as fast.


Paperclips will probably rust.  I'm thinking something like plastic zip ties or even coated magnets might work.  You might find some other solutions by searching for anemone guards.  You might even search to see if anybody has created a 3D printed guard for that intake.

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