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I think I created the MONSTER water changer....


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I was sick of slow water change pumps so I may have gone overboard.  I just did a 40% water change in my 10g in 3 minutes. Not kidding.  Here is what I used:


That and another piece of a garden hose I had laying around that I cut short and cleaned really well. 

So here is a pic of my setup in water change mode. I have two 5g buckets. One contains 4 gallons of 79* 35ppt Saltwater and the other is empty.

There are two hoses on the pump. One is clear and one is blue. The blue one is out and the clear one is in. SO, I put the clear line in the tank and plug in the motor and suck water into the empty bucket until it gets near the level of the new salt water and then I pull the pump's electrical plug. Flip the hoses. Blue goes into the tank into a diffuser that I 3d printed so it doesn't disturb the sand and blow everything all over and the clear hose now goes into the new salt water bucket. The pump pumps the water in and done. This happens so fast that I can barely keep up. Totally complete in 3 minutes. Game changer for me. If you want the diffuser file to print your own I can send you the link or I can print one for you and mail it to you for a small fee. I attached a pic of the diffuser. Reef on brothers and sisters!





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Pumps and hoses are definitely the easiest way.


The only thing faster is picking up the bucket and dumping it in.


...maybe you can make a diffuser for that too...or maybe the one you have will work?   ...or just dump straight into the back section instead of the display?  


(Or maybe easier is more important than faster.)

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