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Fluval Flex 9 lighting question…


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Few questions: I removed the stock lid and bought the Nicrew 50 Watt reef light to replace it. I also bought a clear plastic DIY lid from ETSY. So the questions are… Does anyone know if this light can be clipped onto a Fluval 9 safely? I’m not sure if the glass is thick enough to hold this particular light, considering it seems to be a bit heavy for it. It also will not allow me to pull up the sponge in the middle with the media so I would have to be removing and replacing the light every time I have to take out that sponge. Would that be a bad idea? Also, if I decide to hang the light over the tank, about how many inches above should it be? Bear with me, noob here. I’d greatly appreciate any answers. Thanks 

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Not sure about some of the issues since I don't have that light or tank....but correct mounting height is the height where the light BARELY covers the whole surface of the tank.


If your light uses 90º lenses (common, but not universal) then the correct height is usually 1/2 tank's shortest dimension.  In other words, if the tank surface is 10" x 20", the mounting height would be around 10÷2 = 5".   Fine tune it from there.


I strongly suggest getting a lux meter or PAR meter to use when configuring the light.  👍  Lux meters are VERY inexpensive.

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