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Clownfish shaking/seizure


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I recently got two Clownfish for my new shallow tank, and I've observed one of them shaking as if having a seizure. I understand that this behavior signifies submission. The dominant Clownfish has been energetic, swimming all around the tank, while the submissive one has been more less active. They are trying to establish a pair bond, but I am concerned that the dominant fish may potentially harm or even kill the submissive one during this process.  


Could this happen?

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As long as the smaller fish submits to the larger fish, all should be well.  Typically, there is only an issue when one won't submit to the other.


It can sometimes look pretty aggressive, but the female will rarely hurt a submissive male.  There shouldn't be any torn fins.  If there is, you might choose to separate them (at least temporarily).

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