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What to do with a 5gal tank...


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I was given a Marineland Portrait a while back and I used it to get a bit of rock live to seed my new tank.  I have ripped the back section out, kinda by happy accident and it really opened up what was a much smaller space.  I have a Fluval Marine Nano 3 light on it and just a little HOB generic thing from PetSmart.  

I kinda want to do something with it but what?  I could build a stand, well, I have to build a stand because SWMBO said it cant stay where it is on top of an old short file cabinet 🙂

Since I am building a stand I could also drill it and use a 10gal sump I already have with all the baffles and such...but risk toasting the panel I drill.  I know the front and sides were annealed to make the curve but thats not suppose to prohibit drilling.  The back is completely flat as is the bottom and they say its not tempered and really, there is no reason for it to be as small as it is...still, a risk that could destroy the tank.

But I am also very intrigued by this little HOB from Coralife that has a built-in skimmer and place for the heater so it really gets everything out of the tank but the intake...but I would have to cock the light off to the side like I do now. which mildly annoys my sense of symmetry but not hugely...and I have an idea to deal with that anyway...maybe.

Thoughts on what to do with this little tank?
Partial roll of TP for scale...who doesn't keep a roll handy under their tank?





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Small tanks break more easily when drilling.  I probably wouldn't risk drilling it.  A five gallon tank is large enough for a small goby (even a pair).


Is there a way to use this as the sump and the ten gallon as the display?  That would open a few more options.

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The 10gal already has all the dividers glued in so no, plus, this is a much better looking tank.

Curious why you think drilling smaller tanks is any riskier than larger ones?  If I were to drill it I would drill the back or bottom, the back would be super easy to replace and the bottom would be a little more hassle but still fairly simple...and, this was free tank to me so I am out nothing if its trashed.

Right now its got a pair of fish I need to rehome in it so once they are gone I'll get a better look at it empty to see what may or may not be worth doing.


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On 4/12/2024 at 4:21 PM, MrZ2u said:

Curious why you think drilling smaller tanks is any riskier than larger ones?

It's typically because of the thickness of the glass (which is more likely to crack than thicker glass).

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I have a 5.5 tank for years.  It was perfect as you only needed a couple of small frags so fill up the tank, once they spread/multiplied.  Lighting and everything was cheaper as well as you didn't need nearly as much equipment.  


A single goby would be fun.  

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