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Waterbox q10 big things come in small packages


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Im new here and wanted to show my new journey with a waterbox cube 10.
I got 2 freshwater tanks but salt water always atracted me:) 
english is not my first language so im sorry for any grammar errors i make in this post:)



I started this aquarium 20 days ago with 6kg of live rock. My LFS has live rock added with the fish so its already cycled.  Also added 2kg of live sand. 


Rightnow my ammonia is 0ppm and nitrite also 0ppm .. nitrate is 1.5ppm.. ph 8.4 

After the first week when ammonia and nitrites were comming down i added 3 hermet crabs and 3 snails.. 

Cycling wet really fast i added 2 clownfish 6 days ago and fed them every day to add some nore waste to the system. All parameters al still perfect. So i orded my first corals:

Pachyclavularia Violace
Ricordea Yuma Ultra Orange
Zoanthus sp assorted

All are tiny frags. To not add to much of a load to the sytem. 


I have a AI hydra 26hd light which is obviously waaayy to overpowered. But it was second hand the same price as a prime 16hd so when i go and biy a bigger tank i dont need to have a new light. Rightnow its running at 25%


For filtration i use ceremic media, active carbon and seachem purigen. And a bit of white filter wool(i dont know the correct english name for that) which is replaced every 3 days. And a bubble magus mini Q proteine skimmer.


For water movement i use the original waterbox return pump. But that is going to be replaced with an AI dc pump (the smallest one) 

And 2 5v dc 5w small wave makers from alieexpress. These are 500gallon (2000liter) per hour and are cheap and quiet.  


So im stoked for tomorrow evening when the corals arrive. 

Ill update tomorrow:) 

Please let me know what you think of it!




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