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Coral Vue Hydros

Coming Back with a Deskmate 4.8g Pico


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It's been about 10 yrs since I left the hobby and now have the time to do this again so I decided to start small with a Deskmate 4.8g AIO.

I used Dr Tims to do a fishless cycle for 3 weeks and its all done and ready for life.

Upgrades I did while it was cycling:

AI Prime HD with metal adjustable mount ( i mounted it with command strips instead of large intrusive clamp)

I bought the Eshopps skimmer but not using it at the moment

Tunze ATO

Mightyjet mini return pump with dual variable return heads

Kraken lid


I'll be updating you all as I add fish and corals the the tank...I'll mostly have soft corals but may put in a frogspawn or candy cane because they are easy to keep.







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