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Clownfish "sex change" question.


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Hello ppl

   Does anyone reading this with knowledge of this know what its scientific name is? The reason I ask is ... I have 2 black  ray gobies in my last post here. When I got them they looked like a paired up group. One of them went missing for maybe 3 weeks. One morning # 2 came out of the right side of my 16 gallon biocube rear compartment. I was surprised for sure, and it is living in the compartment now. I want catch it , but it is safe for now. 

I am wondering if they have a season to breed and if they do It would be intersting to see. If not I could outsmart the little dude and put it in my larger tank with it's very own pistol shrimp. Let's call this an experiment.


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7 hours ago, jambon said:

Does anyone reading this with knowledge of this know what its scientific name is?

I believe it's called hermaphroditism (born as one gender and can change their gender to the opposite gender once).  Clownfish can change from male to female: whereas many gobies Gobies change sex from female to male (called protogynous hermaphroditism).

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Hey thanks Seabass. Maybe I can fool these 2 into whenever gets them in the mood... they are not mature yet.

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