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sorry this is the only picture I have, the seller is pretending to say that it is a montipora, but I cannot really see any similarity...

probably this isn't a sponge it seems to have an hard skeleton

also porites looks different from my point of view...

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seriously looks like platygyra pini to me but I didn't think they came so neon green or were really common in aquaria. Certainly never seen them on any lists over here but you guys in the US get loads more variety than us anyways!

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5 hours ago, InAtTheDeepEnd said:


The color sure is right!!  I think that would have meandering channels containing indistinct coralites rather than individual distinguishable corallites tho.


10 hours ago, MrP said:


I think I agree with this one after a little googling....seeing some polyps would help a lot though.


Some folks have a lot of luck with Porites recently, but I wouldn't consider them a sure thing like most Monti's.

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Looks more like Porites than Montipora because the corallite walls are connected to each other and very regular in shape.

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