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dosing systems


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I am looking for a dosing system for kalkwasser and RO top off. I have been looking at californiareefs.com and also at the kangaroo dosers.


1. How often do the tubes have to be replaced and why, do they break or what?

2. Anyone dose kalk with their top off from californiareefs.com, hows it workin'.

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I use a kangaroo and I have to replace the tubing about once every 6-8 months when it finally breaks. The kangaroo pumps are great for the money, just hard to find sometimes.

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when you say it breaks... Do you spring leaks everywhere on the tube? I assume you replace them well before their time to prevent such a thing. Do you dose kalk with the kang?

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I just replace the 4-6" piece that is wrapped around the pump mechanism. It doesn't break, it splits along the side from the constant creasing along that point. I just got in the habit of replacing it whenever I refill my kalk reactor (about every 6 months or so). I use it to dose kalk, but the only thing running through the tubing is RO/DI water. I have the reactor in line between the pump and my sump. Running kalk though the tubing is asking for clogs and is not recommended.

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