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Coral ID


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I've looked on quite a few sites that sell corals and have no been able to figure out what I have. I got this on a trade but would like to at least find out what it is. It's almost black but the hair like texture. It seems happy so far. It looks like some sort of  encrusting sps, any ideas?





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I ordered colored lense kit should be here tomorrow.  I'm tired of trying to get my phone to take correct pictures.    That pic is pretty far from inside of the tank.  I'm going to 3d print a coral mount to take more detailed pictures too.  See how that goes and  updates tomorrow.

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I didn't get my stuff yet but I feel like I got some better pictures.


I had moved this closer to the glass, but you move it just a tiny bit and it all retracts. 😂





After about 30 min






Best way to describe it is like fuzzy caterpillar hair. The blurry part is all the hair moving. Though now that I think about it, I should have turned off the pump.😑



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Looks like tiny Star Polyps growing from a leathery base, not unlike Star Polyps.   So possibly a type of Briarium...which is a type of leather coral?

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Ok I think this is the best I can do. Still trying to get used to lenses. It would be great if any one actually had this one.







Under the light it almost looks black.




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I definitely think your spot on. I found a thread on r2r about  these.  I guess these are not that popular. Low light med flow, I think they are great. Thanks for everyone's input just wish I knew the specific name of this one.

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No, I'm sure it's got a regular name. There's one called flaming banana, something like that.  Probably just call it Black Caterpillar 😂

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30 minutes ago, MrP said:

It's called a Halloween Stylocoeniella.

Excellent! I totally didn't see that. I have a Zoa that's not totally open and it's the second frag we don't know the name.  I think this one might be little more difficult. I will post up when I can get a good picture.

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