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20 Gal Filters?


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I am in the research stage of my first marine tank. 20 gallons is about as big as I can go as I live in an appartment with not a whole lot of extra space. My question is, what type of filter(s) will I need. I plan on having ~20 lbs. LR and live sand as well (I can't remember if it is 1lb/gal or 1lb/2 gal). I also plan on having 3 or 4 fish. Although I don't travel often, I do go out of town occasionally on the weekends and the occasional weekly vacation. I am guessing I will need a protein skimmer but will I need additional filters like a biowheel?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd avoid the bio-wheel as they are nitrate factories. I have a 20 gallon long; specs below


2 x aquaclear 150 with chemipure (no other media)

3 x azoo mini powerhead (1 pointed at the surface for increased surface agitation)

2 x 50 watt submersible heaters

30 lbs live rock (mix of kaelini, fiji and tonga branch)

20 lbs live sand

Lees protein skimmer

double strip fluorescent light (no corals only fish and inverts)


emerald crab

coral banded shrimp

assorted snails

percula clown

fairy wrasse

chocolate chip sea star (very small)

red spotted linkia

maroon serpent star

3 peppermint shrimps (for aiptasia control)

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I have a 20 g, i use powerheads, a skimmer and a simple external hang on filter with carbon. Works well with minimal maintainence and keeps the cost down.




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