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24gal snail only cuc advice


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I am going to add a clean up crew this week as I have some diatoms and I am also attempting to get two new clowns eating... I just want to have the crew ready to go.  I am looking for some input on my thought process


1 strawberry conch or 4 nassarius for sanded

2 torches snails

3 ceriths or nerites (I read nerites like to leave the tank... that's no good for me)

2 astrea?? overkill??


I am worried about astrea if they flip over


I plan on adding a skunk cleaner and or a fire shrimp later on once I am more established.  I have always had a pain with crabs so I want to avoid them.  


Input or suggestions?

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Sounds fine to me. But you might want to build them up over time or you'll end up wasting money.. snails will starve if there isn't enough food...


I like a heavy snail CUC, by far the best cleaners around.  

A Crab doesn't do half the work of a snail 


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