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harlequin shrimp uk


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can anyone recommend the best (by which I mean cheapest) place to buy 1x harlequin shrimp in the UK please? 

Some of my softies aren't doing well.....I couldn't work it out until I found a bunch of asterina under the frag plugs. But my rastas heads are being eaten. And harm being done to my beloved rastas means this is WAR. at least 5 heads have gone from that frag and theres a sinularia that doesn't look like it's gonna make it, I found a bunch on it when I switched the lights on this morning 😞



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both of those are dodgy AF and to be avoided at all costs !! do an fb/reef2reef search on salty revolution; meahwile Marine world's facebook reviews pretty much say it all


I think I've found one on ebay from someone local to me 🤞



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