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Weird Looking Aptaisia or Something Else?


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If you look under my wheelers goby you can see this kind of neon green hair connected to what looks like aptaisia. Just 2 days ago I added in 3 corals to my tank that were purchased from corals anonymous. I did use coral revive cleaner on them but it was 1 year expired so I am not sure if it got the job done. I am pretty confident it isn't aptaisia because of its size and color but what do you guys think? Is it just aptaisia that just started growing?


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Remind me of “colonial hydroids.” Some people say they spread and bother nearby corals. Some seem to have no issues with them. I think there are different types that look similar, but I’m not one to know proper scientific names. Maybe someone else can chime in. 

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There are plenty of reef-associated hydroids (one life-phase of a type of jellyfish) that probably would not bother corals...so there's no need to worry unless they actually seem to be a problem.  


Also, I can't think of any tanks where they didn't die out on their own after a short while.  Avoid broadcast feeding (and overfeeding) if you want to hasten their demise.

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