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My Tmc 60 and partners evo


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Thought I’d share some pics of our tanks. 
mine is the TMC next wave 60 and my partners tank is an evo. 
both tanks are standard atm but I’m planning on changing the light to either a prime 16hd or xr15 and changing the Tmc wave maker to either an mp10 or nero3. My partners tank is getting an ai blade and nero3. I have rawphos and carbon and sponge for filtering. 

stock wise mine has a cleaner shrimp. A couple of snails and a rock hermit. Pink skunk clown and an Anthias. Torch and rainbow anemone which the clown loves. 

my partners evo has snails, cleaner shrimp. Conch and urchin. Black and white clown and purple fire fish. A cool selection of zoas an awesome orange ricordia and a toadstool. 

will keep you all updated on changes. IMG_0360.thumb.jpeg.a2e57250174275f7a46c99a75045dfc1.jpegIMG_0352.thumb.jpeg.6eb38b4ffca70f41f6b6c06ea281a6e6.jpeg




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