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Rock Flower Anemone in 5 gallon tank


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Hello, I have a 5 gallon tank running for 2 years with one neon goby, snails, crabs, and some soft corals (GSP, anthelia, Xenia).   I’m looking to add some color and want to get 2 RFA’s.   I’m thinking of putting 2 of them right below my GSP on the rock in this picture.   I don’t have much room but I’d appreciate any feedback if you think this is a good or bad idea.  I don’t want to kill my GSP or anything else.  I’ve read RFAs can do well in a small tank with other coral.  Any recommendations is appreciated. 


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I have a number of RFAs in my 10 gallon tank (likely 15+ by now) and they are great, cohabitating nicely with xenia, duncans and a couple of toadstools. They tend to move to spots where they get plentiful light -- I tried to place them on the sides of rocks and they didn't love the locations. You'll love their color particularly under UV/blues.

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RFAs are very well-behaved as anemones go. They don't tend to move much. They do sting any corals that touch them, but because they won't go wandering across your entire tank on a regular basis, the worst they'll do is stop the GSP from growing towards them. They may not even do that much; I've had open pulsing xenia happily growing and pulsing away with a RFA touching it. 


Set them where the rock meets the sandbed, and they'll probably shove their feet under the rock and stay there. If not, they'll likely move to another rock-meets-sandbed spot and stay in that one instead.


Post pics if you get some!

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From what I've seen, your tank looks nice. Do you still have it up and running and did you ever put the RFAs in it?

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