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Steves reef

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Steves reef
1 hour ago, ml86743 said:

Reminds me of a garf bonsai acro that hasn't started to branch out. 

Thank you, I was told it was some kind of acro but couldn't remembe the name.

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With its current shape it looks more like a Montipora.  🤷‍♂️


Compare with this M. confuse pic from Top Shelf:



Still might be an Acro....just interesting how similar it is at the moment.

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Steves reef
29 minutes ago, mcarroll said:

With its current shape it looks more like a Montipora.  🤷‍♂️

Thanks for your reply also.


The guy I bought it from did say it was some kind of Acro.

I guess time will tell as it grows 😬

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I'm just not seeing the "bumpiness" of a montipora, looks pretty smooth to me and the way the corallites are distributed my money is on the acro.  I also know they certain acros, bonsai included, have a tendency to encrust before showing signs of upward growth.   


You can see how it encrusts in this image. 


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