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Jack's 2g Pico Reboot


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After 8 years sitting in the attic, I broke out my old 2g pico to use as a QT for my 50g and enjoyed it sitting on my desk to much, I decided to set it back up as a reef! Since I'm using rock that's been sitting in my sump for the last two years, it's already fully cycled and ready to go.



  • Tank: 2g Aqueon Evolve (9x9x10)
  • Lighting: ReefBreeders Pico LED v2023
  • Flow: 98gpm return
  • Temperature: Tetra 25w Fixed Temperature


Initial FTS 3/20/2023:


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11 hours ago, mitten_reef said:

That light turns out pretty good? 👍?

Honestly I can't believe how awesome it is - once I've had it a for a while I'll do a real review, but it's incredibly well built and I don't expect it to disappoint. Aluminum housing, heavy duty sleeved gooseneck, and the controller does everything you could ever want on a light like this: ramp up/down, moonlight, 6-12 hour photoperiod, and you can control the intensity. I really like the Kessils, but this thing was just a little more than 1/2 the price all in and it looks a lot better. For a smaller pico where you don't need the 15w of the Kessil, I'd pick this every time even if they were priced more closely.


Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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Added the toadstool I plan on having as the centerpiece of the tank in a few days ago and it promptly shed but is looking pretty good now - I mainly just wanted to get it out of the 50g along with a few other corals just to test the waters and things are looking pretty good. I am rescaping the left side of the 50g to make room for more acros, so the acan rock is getting tossed, at least temporarily so I'll be putting all my acans in the pico over the next few weeks - should look really nice in such a small tank. I'll also be adding in some meteor shower cyphastrea and at least one monti (not a cap though!) for the top. Will be picking up a couple snails and a hermit this weekend or early next week and hoping to pick a shrimp instead of a fish - if I put a maxi-mini in here, I don't want something that'll get eaten by it like a little YCG!


I definitely need to clean up the algae off that acan!



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