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Kessil H80 Tuna Refugium for 3 gallon reef?


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Hi all. 👋 Newcomer, first time posting.  My LFS sold me a Kessil H80 today for my Marineland Contour 3 gallon. I told him I wanted to upgrade the stock lighting to grow a mini reef. He said this light was the one I should buy. I’m wondering if he meant to sell me the A80. I didn’t notice this is a Refugium light until I got home. Do y’all think this light is a good choice or should I return for exchange? 

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I would return it. It's purely meant for growing algae in a refugium. It's not meant for an aesthetic look, and especially not for corals. He probably meant the A80, if not I'd seriously doubt his knowledge.

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Agreed! Most likely just sold or grabbed the wrong one during the transition. You would want the Kessil A80 tuna blue. (I have it on my 8 gallon. You will love it on your Pico!) 

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