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Coral Vue Hydros

Anyone in Central TX want some ocean-harvested live sand?


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I got some of this sand https://tbsaltwater.com/product/gulf-of-mexico-live-sand/ in a package deal from Tampa Bay recently, and I'm not sure if I like the looks of it or not. I'm contemplating scooping most of it out, and thought I'd check if anyone would like it. You'd probably get about 8-10 pounds. There are no fish in the tank currently, but there are some snails added from a LFS system, so I make no promises one way or the other about pathogens. I also make no promises about critters, but I've only had the sand for about a month, so you should find loads of things. I'd bet money there's brittle stars aplenty. 


Any interest? I'm not 100% sure I want to get rid of it, but if I do, anyone who's willing to come pick it up can have it free. This stuff would be great to re-add some biodiversity to an older tank, or would instantly cycle a new one. 


If you're heavily interested, lemme know- I can absolutely spare a pound or two, whatever I end up doing. 

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Yeah, I want to go ahead and 'rehome' this. Any interest? Also posted on Reef2Reef, so if you're interested, lemme know quick.

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