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FREE SHIPPING and awesome deals!!!

Cultivated Reef

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Cultivated Reef



FREE SHIPPING on orders over $149!!!


That's right, simply enter the code freeship149 during checkout and say goodbye to shipping fees. This offer is good for all coral, inverts, and macro algae orders (fish excluded) and will run thru January 15th!






CORNBRED Rainbow Infusions now just $4.99!!!


This is a special DOOR BUSTER that is on a countdown timer so hurry, this offer ends soon!

Some other examples of what is on sale...




Grafted Setosa 23% off!




Walt Disneys 25% off!


In addition, we have lots of other items on sale to help you fill up your cart and qualify for free shipping. Just be sure to use the coupon code freeship149 during checkout.


Thanks for looking,

Cultivated Reef



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Cultivated Reef

We are in the final days of our free shipping offer. Use coupon code freeship149 during checkout and receive free shipping on coral orders over $149!!! That is a incredible offer especially when you combine it with some of our awesome deals going on right now. Come check it out...



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Cultivated Reef

Hey fellow reefers,


We are entering into the final hours of our free shipping offer. Don't forget if your order is over $149 you can receive FREE SHIPPING by using the coupon code freeship149 (excludes fish).


A few other examples of the killer deals we have going on...


50% off Blue star polyps!!!




33% off Chaeto!!!





Rainbow Bubble Tips now 33% off!!!



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