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fish for 7 gallon nano


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i have added pretty much all the coral that i am going to add and im thinking about what fish i want to get. I want a percula but not sure what else. Would a firefish goby go well with the percula. also if i wanted to add more coral could i do so with the fish in the tank

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if you have sps type corals a clown goby is a bad choice they tend to bite at the polyps and damage sps corals and can be picky eaters some times

a 7g is a little small so it makes it tough to choose a second fish and clowns can become bullies when they mature. i would say a firefish goby would be okay but i would recomend a invert like a peppermint shrimp instead or choose 1 really cool clown instead of just the typical clownfish and be happy with that and keep the focus on coral and what the tank will look like in a fw months to a year.


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