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will Nephthea coral orient towards my lights ( vertically )


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I've got a 4-6 inch Nephthea coral that's out grown the original spot in my tank. I'd like to mount if vertically in another area.  Will it orient and grow/bend upright towads the lights?


Thank you in advance


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Short answer is yes... I have a few nice colonies of green nepthea.. all started from a few small pieces I recieved from a other member here.

  Anytime I move a rock around they tend to stretch around towards the light.

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Thank you. Trying to find an area in the tank for the nepthea. Also focusing on keeping my hands out of the tank. The area I selected is near a devil’s hand frag. If the nepthea grows vertically they would be guaranteed not to touch. I’ll give the nepthea a week straighten up 😉

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Most corals should also grow into the prevailing flow, as well as toward a light source.  


Worth noting:  At some depth, light isn't directional anymore due to scattering effects, so corals are generally very adept at using (blue) light from 360º around them, if we take some care to provide it. 👍

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