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Gravity Fed ATO question


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Has anybody used one of the auto top offs shown below? I'm trying to come up with a clever way of using some form of auto top off on my pico. My pico has a sump below it much like a larger tank would. I do not want this to sit on the tank rim. Instead, I would 3d print a bracket to screw to the back of the stand and modify the lengths of the tubes to run down into the return section of my sump. Anybody that has used one of these, does that sound feasible?




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I haven't used one of these before, but If you're just going to be mounting it on the stand and running water to the tank with a tube, why but use a float valve like one of these?




You can connect your water tube directly to a float valve and have that control your gravity-fed water line instead of relying on the tube staying in the water so it doesn't dump all your RO into your tank.

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@StealthPrix I have seen (somewhere on NR) people that have 3D printed little blocks to create something like you have in mind.  If you keep searching I bet you'll run across it.  Have seen several online as well.  

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In case OP or anyone finding this has more questions.. Ref above thread. I like simple gravity over adding floats personally.. if you set them up correctly there is virtually no risk. can buy the blocks, or 3d print them possibly, but i designed one that is simple to make and doesn't allow saltwater to contact topoff water statically or during top off events.. worked perfectly on my Evo13, and the idea is best suited for a sump or return pump chamber in an AIO.



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I have one of those and it works as advertised... I guess I don't see why you couldn't mount it somewhere else? It is just a bracket that connects to the tank and two tubes. 


I agree that making your own may be better simply because you can have a bigger ATO. 

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