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5g Pico, Hygger 1600 or better?


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I'm back at it again with my tanks. I've had a few with varied success. Returning again to keep a 5g with a fish, a shrimp and a rock garden. 


My topic is this is the smallest tank I've had. I bought a Hygger 1600 off Amazon. Even though it can operate at 40%, the preset classic wave can still ramp up enough to blow everything around. Essentially half my sand moved in 4 days. 


I cannot remember how much you can ramp down an MP10 but I really want to keep things equalized. Flow but low. 


Any thoughts? FWIW, my tank is a rectangle. Thank you!

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If you want to swing for an mp10, I had one on a 5g for a while. You can turn them wayy down, and it's a very wide and gentle flow, I was running it at 10-30% on random mode

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