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Puffer not eating after beak trimming


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My poor green spotted puffer was not eating. I noticed his beak was so badly overgrown which was probably contributing to him not eating. After several attempts to trim it, I took him to a vet. They had to use a dremmel to trim because it was so thick. It has been 3 days and he is still not eating. Any suggestions? I’m worried he will starve to death. He hasn’t eaten anything in a 8-9 days.

thank you

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I'm not sure.  How's the water quality?  Have you had it a long time?   Internal parasites could potentially cause it to not eat.  The trimming itself probably shouldn't be causing it not to eat.


What do you normally feed it?  You might try feeding frozen cubes of mysis shrimp, squid, or clams until it starts eating.  If you can get live ghost shrimp, that might help trigger a feeding response.


Obviously, once it starts eating, you'll want to feed it something which can wear down its teeth, so they don't need to be trimmed.  Hopefully it will start eating for you soon.

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I typically feed him frozen blood worms and clams. I checked his water quality which is good. I also had started antibiotics before his trimming.. can’t believe he is still alive after not eating for so long. I also took him out into smaller tanks and tried feeding him in that too.

I gave him some fish flakes and bloodworms, he looks at them, but doesn’t attempt to eat them.

thank you for suggestions

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