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Im wondering if any uneaten specks of the reef roids settling down at the bottom of my tank might create harmful amounts of ammonia. Wondering if that might happen? If it’s possible to overfeed?


Thank you.

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Not sure how big of tank you have but to be honest I do not think you can over feed........ if you have a ton of algae well maybe........ a good clean up crew and corals and fish you should be good....... my fish go after the roids also..... just watch for algae and remember if you run into issues just do a water change....... 

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With a food like Reef-Roids, I'd feed very moderately (and maybe only once or twice a week).  Ammonia shouldn't be an issue, but phosphate and excess organics could be.  As spectra pointed out, this could cause algae and cyano issues.  Plus, the size of this food mostly benefits filter feeders and SPS corals.

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My micro lords seem to like when I put a dense slurry of Reef Roids right on top of them, and I've had some zoas that like the food as well. Broadcast feeding it into the tank is probably best reserved for tanks that have a lot of filter-feeders, partly since target-feeding your corals will involve less drifting into crevices. Though do keep in mind that leftover specks will likely be eaten by your amphipods and whatnot. 


It is most definitely possible to overfeed, but what's going to happen in non-absurd cases is that you'd see an increase in nutrients. A cycled tank shouldn't experience an ammonia spike from overfeeding unless you dump a ridiculous amount of food in there. 

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