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I just got these guy into the DT from the QT tank.  It was proactively treated with copper, metroplex and PraziPro.  He was hard to observe in the QT as he hid a lot.  In the DT tank he stays out a lot more.  Eating fine. I noticed that he twitches and dives into the sand from time to time.  Fins don't appear to be the best.  Thoughts?


I was researching possible flukes.  I'm due for a water change.  So I think i'll do that tonight and maybe a freshwater bath tomorrow.  I don't want to do to much at one time... 



i don't know why they are upside down.




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Could be flukes or something else entirely.


When you used Prazipro, did you administer a second treatment 5-7 days after the first?

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Yes.  7 days apart.  

Thinking back, this fish always looked a little on the sickly side.  But has made it thus far and is eating.   

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I don't think that I can catch the little guy without completely dismantling the tank.  The pistol shrimp has made so many caves and tunnels its impossible. I took about 25% of the rock structures but there are too many places to hide.  I wasn't home today,  but didn't observe the same behavior.  I'll be home all day tomorrow so I can keep a close eye. If he is still doing it, is there a reef safe "catch all" med I can try dosing the tank with?

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Seems to not be flashing anymore, but fins still look rough... thoughts?

Not sure why everything is upside down on this page. 


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