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Matty's 30g Rimless Restart After....


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...9 years. I actually posted about this build back in 2013 (can't seem to find it from my phone). The tank crashed and I just threw in the towel. A few years later(2018) we moved....then moved again(2019)...and finally settled after 3 years. So here we go...


Last known good picture of the tank in 2013:



This is the tank today after getting sand, water and dry rock in:



Most of the original equipment from the tank was replaced either because of aging or it grew legs and walked away. Only thing original are the media trays, tank itself and stand.


Equipment List

Tank - JBJ RL-30 AIO

Heater - 200w

Lighting - AI Prime HD16

Skimmer - Tunze 9004

Return Pump - Sicce Syncra 3.0 (700gph) Filter Media - 2x Aquamaxx FR-S Reactors for GFO and Carbon

ATO - JBJ Dual Nano, 5g ATO reservoir Water Movement - Vortech MP10QD (I have an original ES that I'm thinking about putting in too after I replace the bearings on the dry side. 

Control - Apex 2016 w/FMM for ATO res fill and RODI flush. Also as emergency cut off if the RODI or ATO goes rogue. (I've had this since like 2018 when I was originally planning on starting a much larger tank... instead, we moved.)


This tank is going to get upgraded at some point to a ~50g because I'm sure I'll out grow it quickly.

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