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Coral Frag ID


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Hey there, I just received these frags from a friend for my tank, and while he did tell me the names as he was grabbing them. They are being acclimated right now so it may be impossible to tell what some are at the moment, but any help would be appreciated! (Mostly just worried because I know for  a fact he said one of them was venomous and I don't remember which 😐)







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1. Looks to be a monti

2. A birdnest coral is really rough shape 

3. A zoanthid

4. A gsp (green star polyp) frag and mushroom frag with gsp. 

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None of them are venomous in a way that can affect you. Venom is when something injects poison into you with sharp bits, like stingers or fangs. Stony corals can sting each other, but lack a sting that can affect you. 


Some zoanthids are poisonous, but most zoas are only mildly so, or not at all. Just don't touch any of them with your bare hands (good policy for everything in your reef tank), don't eat them, and don't boil or vigorously scrub them. 

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