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So, it's a whelk, but wondering if anyone knows more. Interesting coloration. Have 3 of them. Might put them in my planned display fuge. More information would be cool.


So far on a 17lb "nano special" batch of rocks from gulf live rock:


- Gorgonian

- Brain of some sort (very healthy considering it was shipped damp)

- Turkey wing clam

- 6-7 species of macro so far

- Large turban snail




- Potential not-good crab

- Couple Aiptasia

- Tiny orange nudibranch 


Not bad for $184 shipped.

The whelk in question: 



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Those might be corkscrew nems, not aiptasia. 


Very cool whelk. Definitely put it in the 'fuge, both to avoid tossing it and in case it's something predatory. IIRC some whelks are mainly scavengers, but I don't know how to tell the difference. I don't know whelks off the top of my head.


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On 7/16/2022 at 12:03 PM, Tired said:

Those might be corkscrew nems, not aiptasia. 

I think I've got both lol. 20+ have come out to play now... I'll grab some peps to deal with them at some point.. Unfortunately the corkscrews might be collateral damage.


Going to have to trap the whelks as they ghosted.


At the moment I'm more worried about two patches of bryopsis - one on top of the damn clam.  Gonna try all the old tricks. Wish me luck.


I'll probably start a tank thread soon. 🙂

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