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Newbie tank question


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Hi everyone. I’d been planing an Evo 13.5 with Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 pump, Voyager 1000 power head, and an InTank Chamber One filtration, and an Aqua Knight V2 light. 

the local fish shop also has JBJ nano cubes for not much more than the Evo, and my wife seemed open to the 18x18 size. 

Is there any reason I’d want to go with a Waterbox tank instead of the JBJ with the same Sicce/InTank/Aqua Knight setup? If I’m upgrading the components, they both seem like glass boxes at that point to my completely newbie eye?

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I don't think there is a HUGE difference between the 2 to really make it worth while to pick one over the other. I know WB has a slightlt see-thru back glass that you can see into the rear chambers if I am not mistaken. 


 I also wouldn't go with the power head if its not needed. Get a VCA RFG instead and leave the display area powerhead free. Adds random flow and are pretty sleek. I run 2 ¼" ones on my 9g cuboid tank,and without my mp10 even the Sicce .5 is enough flow for a 24" long tank. 

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