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Coral Vue Hydros

7 gallons of salt water


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Hello, Newcomer here! I am starting a thread for my nano reef build journey. This is actually my first tank (great way to kick it off with salt water). I've always been fascinated by reef tanks and the bright lights/coral colors that come with it. Now that I have more free time, I've spent hours upon hours watching Youtube videos and snooping through the forums. I finally bit the bullet and decided to start my own tank. Here's my equipment:

UNS 7gal AIO rimless tank

Dymax ph400 pump

Kessil A80 Tuna blue paired with a mini gooseneck mount
Aquatop 100w heater
I don't have a wave maker, not sure if I need one as the pump creates good flow for a tank this small


I am currently 9 days into my fishless cycle without any lights on (only on for the picture), used a bottle of Dr. Tim's One and Only Nitrifying bacteria and a bottle of Fritzzyme 900 turbo start and dosed to 2ppm via ammonium chloride solution. I  had my parameters tested at my lfs 2 days ago (1.025 salinity, 0.7ppm Ammonia, 4.2ppm Nitrite, and 40ppm Nitrate). They said patiently wait it out. How far along until I'm fully cycled?

I plan to stock the tank with one, maybe a pair of clowns, a goby and a clean up crew. As for corals I plan to go soft (zoas, Duncans, Rhodactis/Discosoma/Acan mushrooms, maybe a few Xenias and GSPs) I've been researching the best way to start/maintain a sucessful Soft dominant tank, here's what I've gathered - 
- Media basket, run activated carbon, bio media, and filter floss

- Parameters
  Temperature - 77-78F
  Salinity - 1.025
  pH ~ 8.0
  Nitrate - 3.0-5.0ppm
  Phosphate - 0.05 - 1.0ppm
  Alkalinity - 9.0dKH
  Calcium - 415-425ppm
  Magnesium - 1350ppm


I plan to do a 20% water change every week once I am fully cycled. In a tank this small should I need to worry about dosing for just soft corals with weekly WCs? I will also test parameters for stability once fully cycled (purchased a Hanna for ULR phosphates/NYOS for Nitrate/Salifert for everything else). Any help, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


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