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Kbreck Waterbox 10 cube


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Hi all!! ¬†Back into saltwater after nearly 30 years and boy has a lot changed!.. Just started up my WB 10 cube, still waiting on a few things to arrive like my light. ¬†Looking at two fish, clown and a goby and then mostly soft corals. ¬†Equipment list below. ¬†Advice needed on anything and everything ūüôā


WB 10 cube

Eheim heater 50W

stock pump (though I would like to replace, any recommendations for a stronger pump?)

AI prime 16 reef with 12" goose neck

filter sock for now but will replace with Intank basket soon (chemipure in sock)

Fiji pink sand

8lbs dry rock

Instant Ocean salt


Yup homemade cover made with cross stitch screen and duck tape.  Waterbox is out of stock of there covers for the 10.


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Great tank,sounds like you are off to a great start. Aren't the stock pumps the DC pumps ? Should be plenty for almost everything unless you have wall to wall top to bottom jammed packed with sps. 

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I wouldn't recommend too large of a return pump on this tank. The weir being only 4 small slots simply just doesn't allow a lot of flow through it. I have 2 of these little 10 gallon tanks. Both have a Sicce Syncra Nano pump which in my opinion, is the perfect amount of flow.


These are nice lids if you want something a bit more fancy. https://www.krakenreef.com/collections/waterbox-cube-lids/products/waterbox-cube-10-lid

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I just ordered a Sicce Nano to replace the stock pump.  IThe stock one gives a good flow just the sound is driving me crazy lol.  More pics coming later as my AI is due today


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