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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Help with cycling ith ATM colony


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I have just set up my new Innovative marine fusion 20 using Marco rock and Caribsea Arag-live sand. I used ATM Colony and a pair of clownfish following there instructions exactly. My problem is that after 8 days the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are reading zero and have been every day since day one.

The fish seem lively and healthy so is there anything wrong with the cycle or could it have happened without me noticing.

I have been testing daily with Salifert for ammonia API for nitrite and  Hanna checker for nitrate so readings should be accurate.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

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It’s working fine, the fish aren’t harmed, bottle bac works in suspension after you dose it. Carrying two small fish is well within the abilities of common cycling bac, I have threads where six fish, a giant anemone and ten corals were added on day one of a bottle bac cycle, they have been engineered to keep the levels safe. After about ten days wait, natural bacteria build up to be a permanent filter. No spikes of ammonia or nitrite needed, only time.

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