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RODI Setup/Plumbing Question


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Feel free to move if not in the right space! 


I have an RO Buddie 4 stage that's been working just fine for me and I intend to keep using; my dad gave me an AO-Smith RO-4000 that he basically got for free; this system is designed to go under a sink and have its own faucet installed in a soap dispenser slot. 


I'm not really interested in doing that, and the RO-4000 isn't a suitable system for a reef; it lacks deionization and it also "remineralizes" the water since the intent is human consumption.  What is super intriguing to me is that it comes with a 3 gallon pressurized tank, it would be awesome to be able to set this up under my utility sink and have my RO Buddie work on that pressurized tank so that it auto fills as I use water; rather than the soap dispenser method I'd just put a regular valve on underneath the sink for filling my buckets. 


Any DIY plumbing experts have any ideas?


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