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Max e170 w/ sump upgrade water lvl help


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I know this is a long shot because I've posted this question on another forum and 3 FB pages. But I figured I will try one more time before scrapping this tank.


I bought a used e170 with the sump upgrade with eshopp nano refugium,  a gate valve on main drain, Syncra 2.0 pump in return chamber, and ultimate ATO.  

The problem is that the water level will not stabilize. After a few days the total water volume will rise in the system from the ATO kicking in because the return chamber drops and all the water added from the ATO eventually gets pumped back into DT and over flows to the rear chamber. The return chamber slowly lowers and this repeats until the water in the rear chamber is about to overflow onto the floor.  I've added an emergency drain that did not come with the tank. But I'm trying to follow RS instructions on the rear chamber water level between e drain and main drain because my sump won't handle the backflow if there is a power outage. So I'm really not trying to use the e drain that's been suggested by others. I ordered an open flow grill to replace the closed one incase that's the problem. 


Does anyone know how to balance the water level on a RS MAX E170 w/sump upgrade? I've been searching,  reading and asking for 2 months straight. 


To clarify- water slowly lowers in return chamber (over the course of 4-6 day,even with ATO on) and raises in rear chamber .



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