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Could this be a baby Berghi Nudibranch

Kevin Buckley

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Kevin Buckley

What about this then? The reason I’m asking is because there seems to be an explosion of white bugs on the glass when I turn on in the morning. And I have added 3 Berghia about 3 weeks ago. CheersF3603C08-3806-4DF3-851A-764B35425EEB.jpeg.3bedc4c107af5d3b449e88c883dc392a.jpeg

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The second picture also appears to be an Asterina starfish. I can't really tell the third picture as the white object is blurry.


If you have added 3 Berghia Nudibranch, I hope you have lots of Aiptasia because AFAIK that is all they eat.

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Kevin Buckley

Loads. Tried with lemon juice and kalkwasser but they just multiplied. This is my last hope. I will try and get some clearer photos first thing in the morning 👍

Finally got a good picture8D3FACFC-E312-4E69-8216-3FCB17866246.thumb.jpeg.a9cf5e2fcd6ba1d67402205fa28757cd.jpeg

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