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stocking the wip 40b!


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Obviously I am nowhere near being able to put anything aside from more rock into the tank since I just got the first 20# last week.  (I'm poor.  Gotta do it in pieces even if that means it'll be longer before anything decorative goes into it.)


No sump-the planted fresh is on the bottom of the stand.  No skimmer-I've tried probably 6 different types and have gotten exactly zero of them to actually work for me.  


I'm thinking two springer's damsels, a royal gramma, and a pink streaked wrasse (assuming I can find one.  My LFS said "good luck", and I've had bad luck having live stuff shipped to me, so not wanting to try that.)  Or would I be better off with one damsel and getting a fourth small fish to put in with them?  I'm not entirely certain how they'd be in the close-ish quarters.  Would a neon goby or two fit with that stock list?  Not a fan of the short lifespan, but do like the look and personality, and I doubt they'd add TOO much bioload as tiny as they are, right?

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