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Is this idea crazy? Starve montipora eating nudibranch by hanging from fishing line


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Ok, so I got Monti eating nudies. Problem is, quarantine tank isn't practical and also may not work as eggs could persist through treatment cycles and all the months work will be for naught. So here was my thought : "what if I took out most of the montipora, gave it to someone with a quarantine tank, but just cut off a few little heathy frags that showed no signs of eggs or damage, then hung those frags from fishing line anchored outside the water so no remnant eggs in the display tank could hatch and find a way to crawl onto the monti frags"? Would this work or do nudibranchs swim around after they hatch? 

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  • Ohmegg changed the title to Is this idea crazy? Starve montipora eating nudibranch by hanging from fishing line
Christopher Marks

Interesting idea @Ohmegg, I think it’s worth trying if you’re willing to experiment.


Most nudibranchs cannot swim, but might be able to move through the water short distances, usually to escape a predator. Source: http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/aplyswim


Unsure as to the specifics of the montipora eating type, but hanging some frags is a worthwhile experiment. Share the results back here if you try the concept. 

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